Circuit Breaker – Electra Jailbreak Management Utility App[iOS 11 to iOS 12]

install Circuit Breaker iOS
Circuit Breaker for iOS

Whenever you are seeking for tweaked application to install on your device, it is essential for the user to install tool by jailbreaking their iOS device. For instance, if you are installed the tool for downloading tweaked apps, but finding where the settings for troubleshooting or other stuff to proceed is hard for the users to do further. However, you can find the solution for that to follow with the help of Circuit Breaker. Generally, we all know that most of the iOS users have jailbroken their phone with the help of Electra Jailbreak to download tweaked apps.

Install Circuit Breaker For iOS
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The significant usage of a circuit breaker is to enable or disable the tweaks along with various features. It is mainly said to be the Electra jailbreak management utility application. For your information, it is free for the users to download and install for an iOS device. On the other side, it is also considered to be the additional featured version of iCleaner pro. However, most of the seekers aren’t aware of how to access this app on their device without any difficulties. Before that, it is also essential for the users to find the exact steps to follow for downloading process.

With the help of Circuit breaker, the users who all are using Electra jailbreak they can easily enable or disable the tweaked applications, easy for troubleshooting by visiting tweak settings. Also, it will help the users to backup all the tweak apps available on their device without any hassles. Apart from these features, you can find many features while using this exciting application on your device at free of cost. So, the users who all are seeking for the steps to follow for the installation process, they can follow the below stuff.


Features of Circuit Breaker for iOS

Whenever, the user who is getting ready to download and install the applications, then it is essential for him/her to know about the features further. For those people, here we are issuing some of the exciting features of this app.

  • When it comes to this app, it doesn’t require any additional exploits.
  • Easy to backup and handle tweaks along with tweak settings then themes
  • It also helps to reload your user interface
  • In just a single tap, the user can easily restart springboard on their device
  • From running multiple exploits, you could find random reboots in the same session.
    install Circuit Breaker iOS
    Circuit Breaker for iOS


If you are looking for this application to download, then it is essential for the users to follow some requirements given below.

  • Electra Jailbreak toolkit
  • iPhone, iPod touch or iPad
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • WinSCP (Optional)
  • ZipAPP free (Optional)

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Download and Install Circuit Breaker for iOS 11, iOS 11.1.2 & iOS 12

When it comes to downloading, most of the seekers aren’t aware of how to find the application and download on their device further. For those seekers who all are expecting this application on their device, they can follow the steps given below. Hope it will be useful for all the users to follow before installing process.

Step by step process

  1. First of all, the users should get ready to start WinSCP on their PC. Make sure to know that your device is already in jailbreaking mode and proceed to connect to your PC via Wi-Fi at any time.
  2. Now, you are ready to enter the connection details by following the details below.
  • Port number: 2222
  • Hostname: Wi-Fi address
  • File protocol: SFTP
  • Username: root
  • Password: alpine
Download Circuit Breaker for iOS 11- 11.1.2
Download Circuit Breaker for iOS 11- 11.1.2
  1. By clicking Login, you can access the file system of a device.
  2. Now, make sure to download the circuit breakers ZIP archive and extract the file on any of your PC folder. For instance, you can also name your folder as CircuitBreakInstaller.
  3. Now go back to WinSCP and move to a directory with the help of left pane.
  4. Visit to root -> Applications which is located on your file system of a device.
  5. Make sure to drag and drop the extracted file to a directory.
  6. It is the time for you to install and launch an iTerminal application on your device.
  7. Now, get ready to enter all the connection details again and proceed to initiate the installation process. Follow the command type and enter one by one.


bash ./

  1. Enter Y to confirm the process of installation. Now, it will set up all the required permissions and leads to restart springboard automatically.
  2. Now, come out from iTerminal and get back to home screen. Finally, the circuit breaker is present on your home screen.
  3. You are now ready to open the application and start to check out all the basic stuff available in the app.

These are the steps that you need to follow for utilising amazing features developed for this app.

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Conclusion: Circuit Breaker Jailbreak Management Utility for Electra

If you are looking for this application to install this Circuit breaker on iOS, make sure to follow the above steps given. Also, the developers are focusing it on upcoming versions by fixing the bugs. So, we can expect more features in next update by the developers soon.

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