11 Ways to Fix* MetaMask Not Showing Tokens or Balance [HOW]

MetaMask Tokens & Balance not showing – Fix

MetaMask, a highly popular cryptocurrency wallet, does not need any sort of introduction. The crypto wallet enjoys a large user base. However, with a large user base, comes a list of issues that are common across a considerable chunk of users. Lately, the users of MetaMask are complaining that they are unable to see their recent token purchases in the wallet. If for you also, MetaMask is not showing tokens; then this guide will help you to resolve this issue with ease.

MetaMask Tokens & Balance not showing – Fix

Recently, MetaMask users were facing issues connecting their wallet with OpenSea for trading NFTs. Click here to know the fix for the same. As far as the issue of MetaMask not showing balance, the same can be attributed to network or cache files. Check out the different ways listed below to fix the issue of MetaMask not showing balance in the wallet.

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MetaMask – Tokens Not Showing Up [Fix]

Though it is pretty rare to see an error like this with the MetaMask wallet, still technical abnormalities can happen with any application or tool. If you cannot figure out why your tokens are not showing on MetaMask, do not panic but try out the fixes given below.

Fix 1 – Refresh Profile or Import your Tokens

  • Tap on the MetaMask extension icon on your browser and login using your creds.
  • Tap on Assets tab.


  • Scroll down and you will see Don’t see your token? Click on Import Tokens.
  • You can even try tapping on Refresh List to refresh your MetaMask profile to see if your recent purchases show up. If tokens still do not show up, then you have to add the token address manually.
  • Click on Custom Token tab.


  • Here you require entering details like Token Contract Address, Token Decimal, Token Symbol, and more. However, you just need to enter the contract address and remaining details will come up automatically. If you are unaware of your contract address, then make your way to Etherscan and get the contract address from the Profile Summary.
  • Upon putting in the Contract Address, within 3-4 seconds the wallet will fetch the other detail. Tap on Add Custom Token thereafter.


  • Then tap on Import Tokens and the token will show up under the Assets tab.


Please note the process is similar for those who are using MetaMask mobile app.

Fix 2 – Restart the Browser

Before you employ any serious fix, we recommend you go ahead and restart the web browser first. Upon restarting the browser, the data affiliated with MetaMask wallet will reload. Hopefully, this will refresh your wallet’s token balance as well. To restart the browser, simply close all tabs, exit the browser, and relaunch after 10-15 seconds.

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Fix 3 – Refresh your Wallet Session

If there are any temporary glitches or bugs in your wallet, the same will resolve with a session refresh. Follow the below steps.

  • In the MetaMask browser extension or app, access your profile and tap on Lock.
  • Wait for a few seconds.
  • Now, re-login to your MetaMask wallet account to refresh the session.

Fix 4 – Restart your Device

You can also try rebooting your PC/Laptop or mobile device to remove temporary bug files if any. These temporary bug files can prevent the apps or extensions to run properly. Rebooting your device will eliminate all these temporary bugs or glitches.

Fix 5 – Clear Cache Data for MetaMask

It is possible that a stored cache file might be the culprit behind MetaMask not showing tokens issue. Hence, it becomes imperative to clear the cache data. Follow the below steps for the same.

For Mobile App
  • Long tap on the MetaMask app until a pop-up menu comes up.
  • From the pop-up menu, tap on App Info.
  • Under App Info, click on Clear Data.
  • Thereafter, tap on Clear Cache and hit OK to remove all the cache files for the wallet app.
For Browser Extension
  • Launch your browser and go to Settings.
  • In Settings, you will find the option to clear browser cache under Privacy & Security.

Fix 6 – Update your App

If you are using MetaMask wallet app on your mobile device, then make sure you are using the latest available version. Go to App Store or Play Store to check out whether any updates are available for the application. If yes, then please go ahead and update your app to the latest version. This should, hopefully, resolve the issue of balance not showing up on MetaMask.

Fix 7 – Check your Internet Connection

Sometimes the issue can be as meagre as a weak internet connection that could cause your recent token purchases to not show up on MetaMask wallet. Hence, make sure your internet connection is working properly. Try re-connecting to your WiFi network or restart your router to make sure there are no issues with your internet connection.

Fix 8 – Disable the VPN

If you are not using a reliable VPN network, chances are that your MetaMask wallet is not showing up your recent purchases due to that. An un-reliable VPN network can cause faulty connection issues. Hence, try disabling the VPN to see if that fixes the issue.

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Fix 9 – Switch to a correct Crypto Network

There are chances that you are connected to a crypto network on your MetaMask wallet for which you hold no tokens. Please note that for Ethereum, you require being connected to the Ethereum Mainnet Network. Similarly, if you have BNB, you require being connected to the Binance Smart Chain Network. You can switch networks on MetaMask from the network dropdown menu.


Fix 10 – Reset Your MetaMask Account

When you reset your wallet account, it will erase data related to transactions and activities except the crypto balance in your wallet. Hence, if you are facing MetaMask wallet not showing tokens issue, resetting your account is a good idea. Please note that once you reset your account, you require signing in again with your credentials as well as the Secret Recovery Phrase. Make sure you have your secret phase handy before you reset your account.

  • Open your MetaMask extension. Tap on the profile pic and make your way to Settings.


  • Tap on Advanced > Reset Account.

Fix 11 – Contact Support

If none of the above fixes are working for you, then the last resort is to get in touch with the support team. Tap here to make your way to the wallet support page and seek assistance from the support team regarding your wallet balance and tokens.

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Final Words – MetaMask Wallet Not Showing Balance [Fix]

These are the different methods to fix the issue of MetaMask wallet not showing crypto balance. Let us know in the comments section provided below which method worked for you.

Also, if you feel that we have not covered a method in this post, which is working for you, we urge you to put down that method in the comments section. This will tremendously benefit our readers.

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