4 Best Similar Games to Wordle You Need to Play on Your iPhone

Similar Games like Wordle on iOS
Similar Games like Wordle on iOS

Games Similar to Wordle You Need to Play on Your iPhone: Wordle has become quite popular amongst everyone. You have to be living under a rock if you don’t know what this game Is all about. To break it down, basically, it asks players to figure out a word that consists of five letters in six or less than six guesses. After every guess, the game shows gray blocks for letters that have been wrongly placed, yellow blocks for letters that are right but are placed in the spot that is wrong, and green blocks for right letters in the correct spot. 

Trust us when we say this, you can get obsessed with this game pretty quickly. However, once you have solved the puzzle for that particular day and have used up all your guesses, you are required to wait till the next day to play again. 

Similar Games like Wordle on iOS
Similar Games like Wordle on iOS

Now that you have a good idea as to what Wordle is all about, you probably want to know about games that are similar to this. The plus point is, that you can install these games on your iPhone very  easily. All you need is an excellent internet connection with a superfast speed that can enhance your gaming experience. If you face difficulties in downloading files, then you should think about changing your current internet service provider. After all, you are paying for it, and you should get value for your money. 


4 Best Similar Games to Wordle for Your iPhone

If you ask us, we would suggest you visit Charter Spectrum and check out its internet plans and packages. All of them include impressive download speed and that too at cost-effective rates. This makes your gaming experience on iPhone even more enjoyable and convenient. 

Having said that, let’s make sure you are up for a challenge. If you love Wordle and want a game that takes more brainpower, then keep reading this article. You can also check out – 2 Easy ways to Download Smule VIP Free on iOS.

Word Master

Essentially, it is a remake of Wordle. Word Master gives you six tries to again guess a word consisting of five letters. Similar to Wordle, it also uses gray, yellow, and green blocks to indicate right or wrong guesses.

Word Master Game on iPhone

However, there is a small change in this game. Unlike Wordle, this game lets you play unlimited games. In this way, you don’t have to wait for a whole day to pass so you can play another game. 

Hello Wordl

As the name suggests, Hello Wordl is also a remake of Wordle. In this game, you get to have six tries so you can guess the word correctly. Again, Hello Wordl also uses the same colors to tell you if the guessed letters are correct or wrong. Moreover, it also offers unlimited games, of course, unlike Wordle. 

In addition to this, Hello Wordl also allows you to change the number of letters in the word you are trying to guess. It offers you an in-game slider that lets you go all the way up to a word that could consist of 11 letters. Moreover, you get six chances to guess the word. It does not matter how long it is. You can also check out – 10 Best Android Browsers with Built-In VPN [Top].


Okay, we just a heads up, if rude words or profanity don’t faze you, then you are good to play this game. The game’s content advisory also comes with the disclaimer that warns you regarding the vulgar and obscene words used in this game. 

So, basically, it is Wordle but with rude and vulgar words. This means it can range anywhere from mild words like poop to ones that can make anyone blush instantly. Although there are plenty of bad words in this game, you don’t have to worry about slurs as they are not included in Lewdle. 

Lewdle Game Free Download on iPhone

Similar to Wordle, in this game you get to have six tries to guess a word that consists of five letters. Again, the same gray, yellow, and green blocks are used for the same purpose as Wordle. In addition to this, there is only one puzzle in a day, 

Considering that you are completely fine with profanity, go ahead and play this game. You are going to have so much fun, take our word for it. You should check out this – 5 Easy Ways to Get Multiple SnapChat Accounts on iOS [FREE].


We kid you not, this game is way more challenging than Wordle. It may sound easy on the paper but once you start to play it, you realize it is anything but easy. Now, let’s look at what it really is. You know how Wordle wants you to guess one word correctly every day. And that too in as fewer tries as you can. 

Antiwordle is the opposite of this and yes, you can say goodbye to green blocks because guess what? Antiwordle does not have a green block, instead, it has yellow, gray, and red blocks. Gray indicates that the letter is not present in the word and you are not allowed to use it again. 

AntiWordle Game on iOS

Moreover, yellow means that the letter is present in the world and has to be included in every subsequent guess. On the other hand, red means the letter is exactly in the right place in the world and now it is locked. 

The thing is, you need to use every letter on the keyboard and at the same time, you are not supposed to guess the word correctly. If you do this, you win. Trust us, it is quite difficult. 

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To Sum Up

Wordle is truly iconic but there are also some other games similar to it that are quite amazing and cool. The best thing is, that you can play all these games on your iPhone by simply pulling up a web browser. Now you could be on a subway train or stuck in the traffic or even bored at a meeting, you can pretend to work on your phone while guessing letters for the words used in this game. 

Thank You.

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