Install Bloby: Automatic BlobSaver v3.2.1 for iOS [Windows]

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With the advent of technology, computing devices are becoming powerful and smaller in size and one such device is a smartphone. The smartphone is the device that makes our life easier and convenient. These days lots of people prefer smartphone devices over the featured phone because of its versatility. The iPhone is one of the most premium ranges of the mobile device by Apple Inc. iPhone is a smart device that is powered by the iOS operating system. The iOS operating system is mainly famous amongst mobile enthusiastic for its security and ease of use. Whenever a security exploits come to light, Apple immediately fixes it in the next update. There are lots of features available in iOS OS that makes it better than its counterpart i.e. Android OS.

The main reason behind the strict security of iOS is because of Apple’s commitment to deliver the safest and securest environment to its users. But, this makes the customization of iOS interface difficult. Due to its software policy, lots of developers face problems while modifying the software. The developers of Apple are always in the search of finding a new bug that exploits the security of iOS. But, Apple doesn’t back out and releases an update to fix the loopholes when a new jailbreak method comes out.

Bloby for iOS

The Jailbreaking is the technique to remove restriction from the iOS device using a third-party tool. The process of jailbreaking is completely unofficial. Once an iOS device is jailbroken, users can install any unofficial application outside of Apple App store. On the internet, there are loads of tools available that allow the user to jailbreak the iOS device as per device model. Most of the people face problem while jailbreaking their iOS device. The main reason behind such problem is the Apple’s digital firmware signatures known as Blob. It plays an essential role while jailbreaking an iOS device.


Features of Bloby for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP

  • Easy Customization: There are loads of features available in Bloby that allow the user to easily customize their smart device.
  • Friendly User-interface: Bloby is very easy to use, unlike other tools. It clean and simple user-interface allows the user to use it without facing any problem.
  • Completely automatic: There is no need for manually blob installation. This powerful tool supports save automatically blobs function. One just has to connect the iOS device to the computer.
  • Easy installation: The process of installation is not difficult. Simply, download this by clicking here and install it on your Windows computer.
  • Checks updates automatically: In case, there is any Bloby update is available you will be notified with popup notification. Simply click on “yes” to install the latest version of Bloby on your computer.

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What are the differences between Blob and Bloby?

Basically, Blob is permissions or a ticket by Apple that allow the user to upgrade or downgrade iOS device. If you don’t have SHSH blob save on your iOS device then, you won’t be able to downgrade or upgrade the device to any iOS version. This digital signature is signed by Apple to change or modify OS. Blobs are essentially useful when you want to downgrade the latest iOS version to the one that can be jailbroken. But, Apple discontinues the blobs for an older version of iOS when they release a new update. The updated firmware cannot be jailbroken until a new method is available which may take several months.

Once you update the iOS version, you won’t be able to revert back to the old version officially. So, you will need a tool like Bloby to perform such operations.

Bloby is a tool that is designed for Windows operating system. The main purpose of Bloby is to save blobs on any iOS device. It is completely free of cost; you don’t have to pay a single penny for this tool. Getting engaging with Bloby, you don’t have to worry about saving blobs on your iOS device. The Bloby is completely automatic; you just have to connect your device to the computer.

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How to Install Bloby for iOS on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP

1: First of all, you have to download Bloby and install it on your Windows computer.

2: once the installation process successfully completed, double-click on the Bloby icon to open.

3: Now, connect your iOS device to the computer via USB cable and choose device name, model, ECID Hex digits, and click on “Save” button. If you don’t know what is your ECID then, click on “What is my CPID?” at the bottom left of the Bloby window.

4: Then, your device has been set up successfully. Bloby will automatically search and save blobs of your device on Windows startup.

5: Click on the Settings tab and tick the days you want Bloby to start up. Choose to save path where it saves the downloaded blobs of your device and hit on “Ok” button.

6: One can also save blobs manually by clicking on “manually” tab. Enter a Model number, ECID, iOS, and click on “Save” button. Choose the directory where you would like to save blob.

UPDATE – BlobSaver v3.2.1 Now Available

blobsaver v3.2.1:

A GUI for saving SHSH blobs that supports macOS, Windows, and Linux. Download here.


  • You can automatically save blobs in the background.
  • Read both the apnonce and generator on unjailbroken and jailbroken devices, in addition to other device information such as ECID.
  • You can store an unlimited number of devices.
  • Save blobs for beta versions without specifying a URL and in the background.
  • Save blobs to TSS Saver and SHSH Host as well with one click.

Changelog og v3.2.1

  • Fix unable to extract BuildManifest error when saving blobs for iOS 15.5.
  • Possibly fix errors with reading from device on macOS 10.15 and lower.

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[Update] Blobsaver v3.1.0 Out Now

Blobsaver comes in handy when you require saving SHSH blobs. It is a GUI tool that supports macOS, Windows, and even Linux. In the recent update viz Blobsaver v 3.1.0, the developer introduces the following changes.

  • Automatic detection by Read APNonce whether the APNonce is frozen and take actions accordingly.
  • You can save blobs from Blobsaver to TSS saver and SHSH host.
  • Builds for Apple Silicon supported.
  • You can add new devices and update dependencies.

Click here, if you wish to download the latest Blobsaver v 3.1.0.

[Update] Blobsaver v3.0 Beta [Save Valid Blobs without Jailbreak]

With the Blobsaver v 3.0, the developer has brought in some major changes. The coolest part is that Blobsaver can now read both Apnonce and Generator from non-jailbroken and jailbroken iOS devices. This means on iOS devices running on A12 or higher, you can save valid blobs without a jailbreak.

To use this new version, you require importing your presets from the prior versions of Blobsaver using the File menu. Please note that since this is a beta version, you might get a prompt to update Blobsaver to the latest available v 2.5.5 update. Please tap on ‘ignore this version’ to eliminate the prompt.

You can download the Blobsaver 3.0 beta from the following links:

[Update] Blobsaver v2.5.4 – Automatically Save Blobs

With Blobsaver v2.5.4 you can automatically save SHSH blobs. It is a tool with a graphical user interface and supports macOS, Windows, and even Linux. Check out the amazing features of Blobsaver v 2.5.4.

  • The tool automatically saves blobs in the background.
  • You can store a maximum of 10 devices along with presets.
  • You can even save blobs associated with beta versions.
  • All the information is automatically read from the connected device and you don’t have to perform any kind of manual steps.
  • When saving blobs for beta versions, you don’t require downloading complete .ipsw. All you got to do is specify the URL.

Download Blobsaver 2.5.4 from here. Please note that the tool requires JAVA to work. Following is a screenshot of the tool for your reference.


Frequently Asked Questions [Blobsaver 3.0 Beta]

How about the fact that for A12+ the non-jailbroken devices the Apnonce number change after each reboot?

Even if it changes, the blobs will still work because the Blobsaver 3.0 version can read both generator and the apnonce.

In earlier Blobsaver versions the A14 devices weren't able to exit the DFU. Is this issue fixed in this latest beta?


Will Blobsaver 3.0 work for iPad?

It will work on iPad Air 4 (WiFi) (iPad 13,1) and iPad Air 4 (Cellular) (iPad 13,2).

Getting a error -21 on Windows 10 upon tapping on Read from Device. How to fix?

Try restarting both your iOS device and Windows PC/Laptop. If it doesn't work please try reading it with your iOS device open and trusted in Finder.

Conclusion: Install Bloby for iOS on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP

Following these steps, you will be able to save the iOS blobs version to retrieve the particular iOS version. Saving the blobs is necessary when you accidentally update the iOS version to the latest and its jailbreaking method is not available. Developers use Bloby to save the old iOS blobs to revert back to the old iOS anytime they want.

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