How To Get iOS 12 Single Swipe Up To Close iPhone X Apps Feature In iOS 11

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Force closing an app is an essential feature of any smartphone. This is because it releases the device’s resources like memory and processing. When certain apps keep running on the background utilizing resources, it can deteriorate device performance. The resources insignificantly used could be it could be used elsewhere.

If there are many apps running in the background, other apps may not get sufficient resources and might become unresponsive. You might not be able to do anything. At these times your only option is to reboot the device or force close the app from the app switcher. Since the latter requires less trouble, it is the most effective way to deal with unresponsive apps.


Force Closing apps on iOS 11 in iPhone X

Force closing an app is useful in freeing up device resources so it can perform optimally. That’s why most of the modern smartphones, including iPhone, too allows users to close apps from app switcher. You just need to simply swipe up the app card from app switcher. This method has stayed the same from iOS 7 to iOS 11. Every iPhone model with iOS 11 aside from iPhone X also followed the same pattern. But the iPhone X had an additional step in the earlier method of closing the app.

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App Switcher on iPhone X latest update
App Switcher iPhone X

Now, you couldn’t close the app from the app switcher by simply swiping up the card of the said app. This gesture in iPhone X just minimizes the app and returns the user to the home screen. If you want to close the app, you would need to press and hold on the app card until the red “-” sign appears on its top left corner. Now, you need to tap on the “-” sign or swipe up to close the app. A lot of users have complained about this features and so Apple decided to remove it from the new iOS 12, scheduled to launch in a couple of months.

iOS 12 is set to introduce a lot of new features but the return of the swipe up to close apps is certainly the most appreciated by the users. But still the launch of iOS 12 is still a long way, until then users have to deal with the pain. But seeing the impatience of users, a solution to this problem has been already been made. Though it is at the time only available on only jailbroken iPhone X, Read more – [How-To] Install iOS 12 Beta 5 on iPhone/iPad Without Developer Account.

force close an iPhone X app on iOS 11 using App Switcher
Force Close app on iPhone X

What’s the solution to get single swipe up to close iPhone X apps in iOS 11?

The extra step to close apps on iPhone X was nothing more than hassle and inconvenience to the users. If you too don’t like it, and you are running a jailbroken version of iOS 11 on your iPhone X, you could use a Cydia tweak with the name “SwipeUptoKillX” to close apps with the same old single swipe up. The tweak is available free of cost for download at the CydiaGeek’s beta repository. SwipeUptoKillX is a Cydia tweak by the developer CydiaGeek that eliminates the two-step process of closing apps. You can download the tweak from Cydia Geek’s beta repository by adding repo source at “”.

Since only iPhone X has the two-step process to close apps, this tweak is only useful with iPhone X. The usability of the tweak will remain as long as a jailbroken version of iOS 12 isn’t available. But it will take some time as even the official iOS 12 isn’t going to release for a couple of months. Older handsets with iOS 11 till iPhone 8/8 plus already has the single swipe up feature. So they don’t need this tweak. If you are on non-jailbroken iOS 11 on iPhone X, then you to wait for the release of iOS 12 to get rid of the troublesome process.

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Single Swipe Up to Close the iOS 12 iPhone X Apps Feature on iOS 11

The step by Apple to remove the unnecessary extra step to close an app in iOS 12 makes sense. As most users found it inconvenient to use. Since iOS 12 release is still far away, users need to wait to get relief from the additional step. But for those who have jailbroken iOS 11 on iPhone X, they can’t update to iOS 12 even if it is released as it could break their iPhone. So, until a jailbroken version of iOS 12 is available, if it ever comes out, users can use the SwipeUptoKillX tweak to close apps with a single swipe up on iOS 11.

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