Kalm Tweak – Beautiful Lock Screen iOS (Scheduling, Scaling, DND & More)


Though we have witnessed a plenitude of design changes on the iOS lock screen, they haven’t been as venturous as we would like to see. A majority of the users absolutely love to have the most apt information, especially in the mornings, readily available on the lock screen thereby saving themselves from the hassle of swiping here and there. If you are one of these users, then the Kalm jailbreak tweak, by iOS developer ubik, is just for you.

Kalm Jailbreak Tweak to Customize Lock Screen on iOS 12 up to iOS 13.3.1

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The Kalm jailbreak tweak brings a host of information readily available on the lock screen including current weather conditions, calendar events, do not disturb moon icon, date and time display that can be customized, and more. Working on iOS 12 up to iOS 13.3.1, the jailbreak tweak sets up a dedicated preference panel in Settings for configurations.


Kalm Lock Screen for iOS – Features

Lately, the developer has launched version 1.3.0 of Kalm, an upgrade from the initial version 1.2.x. Following is the screenshot of the main configuration screen for Kalm and the different configuration options available under it.



  • From the above screenshot, you can see that the preferences panel allows you to choose a Default or Compact view for the tweak.
  • Toggle the Weather display on/off.
  • Toggle Up Next calendar display on/off.
  • Configure Weather display settings.
  • Configure Up Next display settings.
  • Configure Colors.
  • Configure Font Weights for each element.
  • Configure Time and Date formats.
  • More.

Going further, following are the options available under each section on the Kalm jailbreak tweak along with their screenshots.



  • Toggle Condition Icon
  • Toggle Condition Icon Tint
  • Toggle Location
  • Toggle Condition
  • Set Update Interval
Up Next



  • Change Style (Standard & Compact)
  • Toggle Calendar Events
  • Toggle Reminders
  • Select Visible Calendars
  • Toggle Started Events
  • Toggle All Day Events
  • Toggle Event Location
  • Toggle Calendar Color Indicator
  • Change Calendar Color Indicator Character
  • Toggle Overdue Reminders
  • Select Maximum Events shown
  • Select Maximum Days Ahead of the Event
  • Set update interval
  • Set a schedule for the Up Next view to show – either by day or time


  • Toggle Colors
  • Toggle Coloring All Elements
  • Toggle Custom Color
  • Select Accent Color
  • Change Accent Color Saturation
  • Change Accent Color Brightness
Font Weights


  • Change font weights of every element
Time and date formats


  • Change Date Format
  • Change Time Format
  • Change Date/Time locale


  • Change Alignment
  • Toggle Lock Icon Alignment
  • Change Position
  • Change Notification Padding
  • Enable the Do Not Disturb icon

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How to add Kalm Jailbreak Tweak

  • Launch Cydia app on your iOS device.
  • Go to Sources > Edit > Add the Repo.
  • Go to Search tab and search for Kalm.
  • Hit the Install button.

That’s it! You have successfully installed Kalm jailbreak tweak on your iOS device.

[Update] – Kalm Version 2.0.1 Released [Now Customize Even More]

The developer released Kalm Version 2.0.1 and the same is available on Chariz repo as a free update or for $1.99 for first-time buyers. Following are the new features added by the developer ubik.

Select Different Appearances for Views

With Kalm tweak, you can now select different appearances for weather, main and up next views. This enables you to achieve more of your personal look on the lock-screen.

Color Elements as per your Desire

In the latest version of the Kalm tweak, you can select which elements you wish to be tinted.

Tons of Fonts

Now you can choose a different font for each element. Its all up to you what font you want.

Complete Change log
  • New styles for the main appearance.
  • New styles for the weather appearance.
  • New styles for the Up next appearance.
  • Element Tint section.
  • Font choosing section is added.

[Update] – Kalm v 2.0.5 Out – Available on Chariz Repo

Kalm v 2.0.5 is available on Chariz Repo now. If you were facing some bugs in the previous 2.0.4 version; the same have been addressed in the version 2.0.5. Following are the new features in Kalm v 2.0.5.

Full Changelog

  • You can switch weather icon and label now.
  • With Compact Appearance, you can switch weather and time view.
  • With Compact Appearance, you can enable either condition or location.
  • Now it is possible to hide the Up Next event time.
  • In 12-hour mode events weren’t coming up in order in the previous versions. This issue has been fixed now.
  • If you were using Kalm tweak on iPad then you must have faced resizing issues. The same have been fixed in this version.
  • In previous versions, if you had Quart installed and you tried to change the wallpaper, sometimes it will result in Spring Board crash. This issue has been fixed now in the current version.
  • If you were facing issues with Media Player hanging too low, the same has been fixed in Kalm v 2.0.5.

[Update] – Kalm 3.0.0 Out – Color Picker, Alarms, and Other Features

On Chariz Repo, you can get the latest Kalm v 3.0.0. The developer has added many new features and we have outlined the major ones for you below.


  • Color Picker is available now.
  • You get the custom horizontal margin.
  • Up Next now has icons and multiple alarms.
  • You can give a custom size and color now for the icons.
  • Color will adapt properly now when transitioning from light to dark mode wallpaper.
  • iOS 14 users crash issue is fixed.
  • Interval not present now in Up Next.
  • Automatic updating for Reminders, Alarm Change, and for the events set up on the Calendar.

[Update] – Kalm Tweak will Update Weather on Low Power Mode [iOS 14]

Users utilizing the Kalm Tweak, upon updating their iOS version to iOS 14 or above, have come up with an issue that the tweak is not updating the weather on Low Power Mode. Earlier, while running on iOS 13, there was no such issue. If you are one of such users of the Kalm Tweak, you can follow the below steps, post which the Kalm Tweak will start updating weather even on Low Power Mode on iOS 14.

  • Please add the following repo: https://udevsharold.github.io/repo
  • Post refreshing the sources, you require downloading bakgrunnur.
  • After successful installation, please go to Preferences > Select/Enable the Weather App.
  • Respring your iOS device.

That’s it! After following the above steps, Kalm Tweak will update the weather information, even on LPM, on iOS devices running on iOS 14. As such, there are no reports of a major battery drain when allowing the tweak to update weather info even on LPM.

FAQs – Kalm Tweak

Q – How to allow for custom weather locations via X/Y adjustments on lock screen?

For this you have to use the default view and thereafter you can change the position.

Q – Custom position changing up and down consistently n new version. How to fix?

As of now, a respring will fix the issue temporarily. The developer is working on the same and soon an updated version with the bug fix will be released. Stay tuned with us as we will be the first to tell you about the latest updates on Kalm.

Q – Is it possible to have that 3rd view shown when there is no notifications and then have one of the other views when there are notifications?

If you use the third option with custom position and receive a notification Kalm will automatically move up to give the notification more space.

Q – Kalm tweak freezing at midnight. How to fix?

If you have FloatyTab installed, it could mess up with the functioning of Kalm tweak. So, remove FloatyTab and you problem of midnight freezing will get over.

Q – How many calendar events you can show on the tweak?

You can show infinite calendars with a maximum of 5 events each.

Q – Does Kalm tweak blurs the background?

No! Kalm tweak doesn’t blurs the background.

Conclusion – Get the most informative lock screen on iPhone

That was all regarding Kalm – hailed as the most informative lock screen on iOS. Let us know about your experience of using Kalm. If you face any issues or have any questions in mind, reach out to us via the comments section provided below.

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