Install AppSync Unified for iOS 13/13.2.2 – Checkra1n Jailbreak

Appsync Unified for iOS 11.4 for Electra

Ability to install third-party apps is one of the biggest reasons that people jailbreak their iOS devices. This includes not only the apps that were are available on the third-party apps stores but apps made by developers that are not on the Apple Developer program. So, for this purpose, people Jailbreak their device with Jailbreaking tools like Electra jailbreak, which is one of the most popular Jailbreaking tools. But just Jailbreaking your device doesn’t allow it to install unsigned apps, but rather you need a compatibility tweak that will make the whole process smooth and AppSync Unified is the application that you need.

Appsync Unified for iOS 11.4

AppSync Unified is a powerful tweak that allows iOS app developers to install unsigned, adhoc signed or fake-signed IPA packages on your jailbroken iOS device. This allows you to install apps that are not available on the iOS App Store on your iOS device, though you will need to have the IPA file for the App.

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UPDATE: AppSync Unified 32.0 on iOS 12 and Verified on iOS 12.1.2

AppSync Unified is not only used to install apps not available from the App Store but also makes it possible for developers that can’t afford the Apple’s iOS developer program for testing and debugging self-made apps on their own devices. Though AppSync Unified was created for legitimate purposes, it hasn’t been free from illegal usage. Some people, namely iOS pirates, use it to install pirated copies of paid apps which is both illegal and unethical.

You can get this updated application from below provided sources.

  • Cydia/APT Repo URL:
  • Click here to add Repo directly to Cydia:

Unified AppSync Dynamic library for iOS 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12.

  • Obviously, AppSync Unified is NOT for piracy.
  • AppSync Unified is for freedom of iOS development with the official Xcode iOS SDK.
  • Jailbreaking is NOT for piracy.
  • Jailbreaking is for freedom of your iOS device.

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Install AppSync Unified for iOS 11. 4 Electra Jailbreak [STEPS]

Much work has gone in the development of AppSync Unified to remove any compatibility issue with iOS jailbreak. The latest version of AppSync Unified is version 30.0, released to solve compatibility issue on Electra Jailbreak for iOS 11.4. The latest version is compatible with all version of iOS 5,6,7,8,9,10 and 11 ( up to 11.4). Aside from this, AppSync Unified can also be used for downgrading or cloning of installed apps.  Also, it is possible to Download fakesigned apps like emulators and assists developers in iOS app development.

Cydia Download Link for AppSync Unified –

AppSync Cydia Apt URL
AppSync Cydia/Apt URL

If you don’t know how to install AppSync Unified on your Jailbroken device, please click here.

Latest AppSync Unified for iOS 11. 4 Electra Jailbreak [Download]

The latest App Sync Unified is now available for iOS 11.4 Electra Jailbreak at the Cydia Repository. The latest update is all about compatibility with the latest Jailbreak. The new version is all about compatibility and in terms of features and functionality are almost the same. You can check the official Change Log for the latest release below –

Confirmed Compatibility with all Supported iOS versions up to iOS 11.4.

Artificially bumped version number to 30.0 to override all known third-party modifications of App Sync Unified available from piracy reports that will cause damage to your iOS installation. Please DO NOT use App Sync Unified for piracy.

AppSync Unified repo source
AppSync Unified repo source

AppSync Unified 40.0 for iOS 12 – A12 Support Added

The developer launched the AppSync Unified 40.0 for iOS 12 with the support for A12 iOS devices as well. However, reports started pouring in immediately after the release from the users who have suffered a bootloop after installing AppSync Unified 40.0, when trying to install an IPA. As of now the developer is unable to prove that ASU 40.0 is causing the issues. However, on the safe side, the developer has unlisted the AppSync Unified 40.0 from his repo. If you already have AppSync Unified 40.0 installed, then going by the developer’s advise, please uninstall the same. The developer is already working on identifying and fixing the issue. Till that time, you can go for AppSync Unified 32.0 which is compatible with iOS 12, but not with A12 iPhone/iPad.

AppSync Unified Released for iOS 13/13.2.2 Checkra1n Jailbreak

Immediately after the release of Checkra1n Jailbreak for iOS 13+, the developer of AppSync Unified announced the complete compatibility of AppSync V 65.0 with iOS 13 Checkra1n jailbreak. The coolest part of AppSync is that the developer still provides support for iOS 5 as well. Now, you can easily install unsigned, fake-signed, or adhoc-signed IPA packages directly on an iOS 13 Checkra1n jailbroken device. Those who wish to download the latest AppSync can have it from the following Repo:

Conclusion: AppSync Unified v 30.0 for iOS 11. 4 Electra Jailbreak

App Sync Unified is a tweak available on Cydia that solves the compatibility issue between iOS and IPA packages because It allows users to install unsigned or fake-signed apps on their jailbroken iOS device. The major use of AppSync Unified is to help developers test and debug their apps on their own iOS devices. The latest version 30.0 of App Sync Unified is finally available for iOS 11.4 jailbreak using Electra. Further updates will be available in the future. Please remember to support the developers and do not engage in piracy.

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  1. For me, i have already installed appsync unified v30 on ios11.2.6 but it did not work becuase i could not install unsing IPA app. Can you tell why i did not work? Thanks for your reply.

    1. If you have already installed the app in your device. Please uninstall it and install the fresh version by following the above method and give it a try. It surely works. Thanks.

  2. AppSync Unified doesn’t work for me, at all. Any IPA I install crashes the instant I try to launch it.

    iPad Pro Gen 2 – iOS 11.3.1

  3. There is no version 40. Only version 32. She updated something but it was immediately pulled because she screwed up.

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