Top 10 Puzzle Games For iOS To Keep You Occupied For Hours

Top 10 Puzzle Games For ios
Top 10 Puzzle Games For iOS

The puzzle game genre is at the core of an excellent mobile gaming experience. These games fit any environment perfectly and don’t require complex controls or lavish visuals.

Top 10 Puzzle Games For ios
Top 10 Puzzle Games For iOS

Puzzle games come in all sizes and shapes, from conventional match threes to out-of-the-box experimental flights of fancy. Regardless of how much time you can commit to playing these games, you’ll be positively rewarded. However, finding the best puzzle game is no mean feat. So, here’s a list for you to make a decision quickly.

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    The Room 3

The Room 3 is a creepy puzzle game and one of the best in the entire Room series. The game offers box-related puzzles that are pretty complex to solve, along with unsettling clues and an atmospheric storyline. The game has a spooky soundtrack, and the visuals are brilliant. Solving this puzzle is an experience, and you must beware of being sucked into its bizarre world. 

  • Block Puzzle 

Block Puzzle is a fun online rendition of the much-loved Tetris. Instead of differently shaped pieces falling on the screen, you’ll find blocks at the screen’s bottom. Ideally, you need to fit the three blocks before you get three more. The game appears deceivingly easy, but it is made challenging with the addition of a timer and the opportunity to compete with other online players in real-time. There are also some Block Puzzle online games where you can participate in tournaments and earn money. If you want to try your hand at clearing cells by joining blocks, download the Block Puzzle app and get started. 

  • Slayaway Camp (17+)

Slayaway Camp is not for the weak-hearted because it is a morbidly funny puzzle game that takes you on a killing spree. Players need to slide around each scene and murder victims to reach the portal and advance to the next area. Throughout the journey, players are faced with several obstacles, including open water, fire pits, and cops. During the killing spree, players have to be smart about overcoming the challenges. 

However, don’t be scared because the violence in the game is hilarious and inspired by the classic 80s horror movies. Also, must check out this – Best Way to Install Apps & Games Using (APK + OBB) Files.

  • What’s My IQ

What’s My IQ is a puzzle game that asks several questions. Initially, the questions may seem silly or straightforward, but you need to get creative to find the right answer. The game is excellent for over-thinkers as it teaches how sometimes the answers are right in front, and there’s no need to complicate things by overthinking. 

  • Monument Valley 

Monument Valley is another excellent puzzler telling a compelling tale with eerie visuals. The game offers a wide range of 3D maps that players need to conquer, and it will take you to a world filled with block creatures, crows, and Escher-style landscapes. 

Once you’ve had your fill of this game, do not forget to check out Monument Valley 2


FRAMED is a puzzle game inspired by film-noir comic book adventure. The game showcases amazing visuals and a compelling story that will hook you. While the story is all jumbled up, it is told in comic book form, and you need to put the stories in the correct order to move forward. 

There’s also FRAMED 2 if you want to continue your journey of solving graphic novel panel puzzles. Do check out – Download KineMaster Premium Mod for Free on iOS.

  • Move The Box 

As the name suggests, Move The Box is a game where you need to move boxes vertically or horizontally in groups of three. The challenge is you have a limited number of moves. You can move, swap and drop the boxes and even click the undo button if you have made a wrong move. But you must solve the puzzle within the number of moves. 

The game has more than 600 levels, and you can purchase hints if you find yourself stuck. 

  • Prune 

Prune is the ideal puzzle for those who want to relax after a hard day. The gameplay is about cutting trees in varied patterns to reach the sunlight. While doing that, you need to avoid the dangers and obstacles around it. 

The game’s design is minimalist with a limited color scheme so you can focus on the game. 

  • Photographs – Puzzle Stories 

Photographs is a puzzle game that heavily focuses on the narrative. It is an exciting game that requires players to search around and solve puzzles to move to the next level. As you solve puzzles, you will uncover each scene and hear stories. The game stands out with captivating stories due to its beautiful pixel art paired with soothing music. 

The game features unique gameplay mechanics and different settings for each story. It takes about three hours to complete. Check out – CokernutX Apps Store Free Download on iOS (Best Place to Get Paid Apps & Games for Free).

  • The Room Pocket 

The Room Pocket is a puzzle adventure game that offers a first-person POV. Players are presented with several boxes that must be cracked open to move to the next level. In this mystery puzzle game, players need to tap, swipe around, zoom in and out or click on items to solve the game. If you end up stuck on a level, you can use the eyeglass to reveal the way to the next level. 

With this list of puzzle games for iOS, you’ll never be short of entertainment options when you find yourself bored. So, go ahead and download them to make better use of your time when you are home alone or standing in a queue. 

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